Stratus Offers Flexible Staffing Solutions

Whether you are a seasoned business owner looking to expand your workforce or a top-tier company searching for experienced professionals to join your team, we have got you covered.

Need Temporary Staffing? Access On-Demand Remote Assistance

Get the support you need, when you need it

Our contract-based staffing solutions allow you to access talent on a flexible, as-needed basis. Contractual staffing is beneficial when experiencing workload fluctuations, such as seasonal spikes or increase in projects.

Through our contract based staffing solutions, get access to a vast pool of talented on-demand job seekers and avoid the commitment of hiring full-time staff.

Get the experience you need to get your job done. Engage our skilled professionals to fill your staffing requirements – remote or on-site.

Looking for full-time staffing? Scroll through our permanent placements.

Short And Long-term Projects

Access highly skilled professionals on a temporary basis

  • We locate talent having the expertise and experience essential for meeting your project requirements.
  • Get access to specialized skills as and when you need it without a full-time commitment.
  • Flexibility to scale your team up or down based on workload spike.

Salary Contract Position

Assess employee performance before offering a full-time position

  • Hire on short-term contract basis before committing to a full-time position.
  • Evaluate employee performance on-the-job trial, mitigating hiring mistakes.

Need Help With Debt Collection Services?

Software Related Debt Collection

  • Facilitate your software related debt receivables (SaaS, Auto Renewals, PS fees, etc) with Stratus Financial.
  • We will facilitate and coordinate legal action on your behalf through our nationwide attorney network.

Commercial And B2B Debt Collection

  • Recover due payments with a softer approach payment service.
  • We send customers due payment reminders, negotiate with vendors on debt settlement on your behalf with no third parties involved.

Hire On-Demand Skilled Professionals Right Away